Thursday, March 14, 2013

Another Milestone

We had my Spouse Visa interview at the American Embassy today... and I got it :)!!! There was a little mix-up (one of our documents was apparently hidden in the back of the binder so they couldn't find it for a while) but over all, it went smoothly. Mark now calls me "his little immigrant".. mainly because I do not like the term all that much:).

We had to wait for about an hour and a half, which normally would have been frustrating but Jesus used our time well. While Mark read through about 10 different copies of National Geographic, I made friends with a sweet older lady. She was clearly shaken up and lost, almost crying when she entered the waiting room. She looked around, then asked me if I could help her. She did not speak much English and had trouble filling out the forms. I sat with her and we talked after finishing the forms. She has gone through many difficulties recently, her mother died, her husband left her, she had many health problems, and now was moving to a country where she did not speak the language. My heart was breaking for her. She seemed devastated and hopeless. At the International Saline conference we learned about how to place "faith flags" in a conversation. A faith flag is a testimony in one sentence, naturally set in conversation, based on some common ground. I was eagerly waiting for the perfect moment to place my faith flag.. and I was brave enough when the right time came. When I said that someone I knew that was in a similar situation found hope in her faith in Jesus, she looked deeply into my eyes and asked, "Really?". Then she changed the subject. We continued talking about other things but I pray that she will remember that Jesus is the one who can help her. Mark and I prayed for her later when we got home.

Talking about prayer... There are times when we pray and pray and wait.. just try to be patient until we see the results.. but there are also times when we pray, and in a couple of minutes Jesus answers! My Lyme Disease got worst the past couple of days. I am in a lot of pain and have a hard time using my arms and legs. Because of these new symptoms I had to go back on both oral and daily IV antibiotics in addition to all the supplements I have been taking. I am fighting constant nausea as all the medication is very hard on my body but I need to make sure I keep everything down.. That is very difficult. This morning I just felt awful. All I wanted was to throw up, yet I had to do my hardest not to. I cried out to Jesus and He took the nausea away for the rest of the day! I felt great for the interview and even now, the nausea is there but not too strong. Praise Jesus! It is so amazing that we serve a God who delivers and strengthens us when we feel that it is more than what we can handle.

My dessert after every meal
It seems like winter is back. There is a huge snow storm with ice and wind. Actually, we had a hard time opening the gate when we got home tonight as it was completely frozen. We are supposed to go on a young adults retreat up in the Matra mountains in Hungary this weekend where Mark will be speaking. We feel like it is important for us to be there, yet we do not want to risk our lives if the roads are so terrible. Would you join us in prayer that we would either have clear roads to go or peace in staying home tomorrow? We would like to be wise and do what Jesus wants us to do. As of now we are optimistic so Mark finished his sermons and I baked about three dozen cookies for the retreat.

Mark trying to open the gate

This bird was sitting right by Mark's head on the fence
and would not fly away.. So we thought it might, too be "frozen":).

Our street

Our house


  1. Thanks for sharing this. Love reading your blogs. Will be praying for that poor lady. We pray for you all the time and are praying the meds will be helping.

  2. Gratula a vízumhoz, és jó egészséget kívánok, Eszti!
    Ja, és tökjó így a hajad!!!

    Maris :)

    1. Nagyon köszi! Olyan kedves vagy:)! Sok puszi!


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